FN is the overall winner of the BCBS LiveLifeBlue award in the state of South Carolina in 2021. FN also won the regional LiveLifeBlue award in the state of South Carolina in 2020. This prestigious award recognizes companies that play an active role in making a real difference by promoting health and wellness programs for their employees.

FN  received the Gallagher’s 2021 Best-in-Class Employer award in Gallagher’s 2021 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey for participating large and midsize organization across the U.S. for being a leader in employee and organizational wellbeing! . Gallagher’s Best-in-Class awards recognize employers that excel in supporting their employees’ physical, emotional, career and financial wellbeing for better organizational outcomes.

FN has been awarded the 2021 SC Manufacturer’s Alliance Safety Performance Recognition Award and the SC Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Plant Safety Award, which recognizes our exemplary safety record.


We are a legacy of legends, a history of the highest caliber, an ancestry of innovation, and of a proud military heritage. We design and manufacture the world’s most innovative firearms. We are FN!


Our people make all the difference. You stand for a legacy built on over 130 years of legendary firearms. You stand for a brand that, throughout history, has made history. You stand for craftsmanship, for innovation, for excellence. You stand with our military, law enforcement, and home defenders. Lastly, you stand united with your coworkers and teammates, who are proud to stand with you!


You will be part of a growing company that builds products by a passionate team that takes pride in knowing you are doing your part to save lives and protect our freedom. You will be part of a dedicated community of working professionals who are unified to one enduring purpose: Building the best firearms in the world.


We are growing faster than any other firearms brand, and for good reason. With the stability, long-term strategy and clear connection with our customers, the FN team develops world-class products in a friendly, engaging workplace well-known for respecting the employees that bring our vision to market. You’ll have the opportunity to grow with and be part of a world-class company.